Single Skein September: Week One

The month is just getting started, and we’ve got days and days left to work through those single skeins in our stash!  But it can be overwhelming trying to choose just the right pattern for that one skein of yarn. So we thought we would start the month off by highlighting 7 of our favorite… Keep Reading

Single Skein September~ Stash Style

We all have them lurking around in our stash: those single skeins of yarn we bought with good intentions. We have them earmarked for certain patterns, we meant to knit or crochet them into socks, hats, mitts, baby sweaters, and stuffed animals ages ago.  We also have lone skeins leftover after finishing up big projects…. Keep Reading

Sweater Workshop with Sydney & Liz

It’s time to take the plunge: it’s time to knit your first sweater! Or, if you’ve been challenged by sweaters in the past, it’s time to make your first sweater that fits, without tearing your hair out! With four classes and two expert sweater knitters, you will be guided through all the steps to create… Keep Reading

Block Party! Refresh Your Knits for Fall

Washing our knitwear after months and years of use is an important way to maintain its beauty and wearabilty. Yet it’s not at the top of list of priorities for many of us; after all, time spent washing a sweater is time that could be spent knitting a sweater! We usually recommend you wash your… Keep Reading

Botanical Knits 2: Our Crush on the Life Cycle Scarf

We’ve been excited about Botanical Knits 2 ever since the first book came out!  Alana Dakos’ follow up to her botanical-inspired collection does not disappoint. Packed with flora-filled creations that range from accessories to garments, there are a variety of designs to inspire. (view project gallery on Ravelry)  The book itself is stunning, with plenty… Keep Reading